About Us

Our agency

We are a home-based travel agency under a host agency. Working with a host agency allows us to have access to many preferred vendors, special perks, and a large network of fellow travel agents. Because of this, we can rely on each other's experience and expertise, as well as exchange tips.

The name of the agency, "Just Go Ahead Travel", comes from a decision, a few years back, to prioritize experiences, to dare to go somewhere. I made a quick decision to fly across the country to attend a concert. This was such a fantastic experience that I did it again a few times, each time finding such tremendous joy in doing this. It forced me to get out of my comfort zone, try something new.., at least for me.

    Our philosophy

We want to offer you experiences, encourage you to look beyond the beaten path. Everybody's comfort zone is different, so something that might be ordinary for someone might be a life-changing experience for someone else. We want to find out what will bring this joy and wonder in each individual.

Our background

After a full and enriching career in foreign language education, I decided to grab life with both hands and try new experiences.

Throughout my career, travel and cultures have played a major role. I had the opportunity to plan and organize several trips abroad for different groups of students. I particularly enjoyed adding unusual or off the beaten path experiences to the classics.